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Christmas Puppy

Is a Puppy a Good Gift?


Christmas PuppyMaybe a friend or family member has recently lost a dog or has been talking about getting a dog. Is a puppy a good gift?

Your heart is in the right place but let me say, emphatically, no!

A puppy or dog is a big commitment and a very personal choice. If you really think this person wants a companion, make a fun gift of some puppy gear with a note promising your assistance with the process. THAT is a fantastic gift!

That way you can get the joy of giving and they can get exactly the dog of their dreams, if they are truly ready for one.

Maybe your kids have been asking and asking and you think they are ready for a puppy to care for.

Let me save you the suspense, they are not. Few kids (and even some adults) are not ready to care for a puppy. So if you want to buy puppies online for the family understand this will very probably be your job nearly entirely. And if you persist in trying to force their care you can create easily create a dislike in the process.

Dogs are wonderful. I adore them – always have and always will. They also change your life, last much longer than most marriages and are expensive. If you want a wagging tail in your world knowing all that then congrats! But don’t buy an actual puppy as a gift for another adult or as a lesson in responsibility for a child.

Dogs make wonderful family members but lousy “gifts”.

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