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Promise Puppies

A Promise Puppy is Better Than a Christmas Puppy


Promise PuppyYou’re thinking about getting a Christmas puppy and are reading up on it?

Good for you! I wish everyone was as thoughtful about this process as you are being.

On the plus side of adding a holiday puppy to your family is the kids thrill on Christmas day. You can picture that – their squeals of delight, their hugs of thanks, the pup in their arms.

What you may not be picturing is the over excitement of the pup, the difficultly in focusing on the pup’s many infant needs during the holiday season, the winter potty training, the months of cold when puppy socialization just cannot wait.

After decades of helping people with this, my recommendation is a Promise Puppy.

A Promise Puppy is:

This way, you and your family can have the excitement of the puppy on Christmas morning without trying to fit the pups needs into an already chaotic, often socially packed, frequently cold time of year.

I hope this helps you create the perfect win-win-win for you, your family and your newest family member – your puppy.

Happy Holidays!

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