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with Dog Expert, Sarah Wilson

My Favorite Treat Toy: PetSafe Sportsman Football


Hands down, this is my favorite treat toy set up for pups and adult dogs. It lasts a long time, is easy to use, and engages your pup for a solid 10-20 minutes, depending on your pup.

When you need to occupy your dog, this does the trick.

Here’s what you need:

  1. PetSafe Sportsman Football – For most dogs I use the medium size, shown here. Amazon doesn’t carry these but Chewy’s does: LINK

2. Natural Balance Regular Biscuits – These fit perfectly in the medium size and are sturdy enough that they don’t break as you insert them.

This is the lamb and rice, which is fine for most dogs. If your dog is sensitive they also have fish or bison biscuits, too. Here’s the Chewy’s Link and here’s the Amazon option (pick the “All Breeds” option): Link

Setting this toy up for your pup takes a couple of seconds — max. Take one PetSafe Sportsman Football insert one Natural Balance biscuit and you’re done!

It’s also easy to clean out, which many treat toys are not. Because of these fine qualities, I always have a “biscuit ball” or two around the house.

Here’s Daisy enjoying her “Biscuit Ball”.


  1. Good morning, Sarah. I see a lot about toys able to have food inserted into them. What is the purpose? Solely as a treat or can you also use it for training?

    We’re about to get a puppy, thus looking through resources, and keep seeing such toys.

    Thank you.
    Karen Wyman

    • Great question, Karen. Think of it like a coloring book — something that can keep your pup happily occupied while you make a much-needed cup of coffee. And yes, it can help with training by giving your pup such a special treat when crated, for example.

      Think of raising a bright, active toddler with no way to entertain or distract them and the value may become more clear. 🙂

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