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Managing Your Mood: The Art of Self-inflicted Joy


Managing mood is a part of every life, but for people who both tend animals and teach adults, two things almost every dog pro does, managing mood effectively can mean the difference between success and struggle, quality care and less-than-your-best.

Last summer, after leaving my partner of 23 years, I knew I had to do daily, conscious work managing my mood. All my years as a dog trainer had taught me that I had two basic ways to approach that task: a) use my emotions to shift my behavior or b) use my behavior to shift my emotions.

Doing a) would mean I would wait until I felt better to do better and b) meant I would actively use how I behaved to shift how I felt. Easy choice for me: b).

Below is a list of things I can “inflict” on myself whenever I want to to change my mood in a good way. Your list will likely be different– good! This piece isn’t about the exact details, but rather about the goal: Find ways to consciously and effectively create the feeling of joy. Please note: It is NOT important that you are “good” at something or that anyone else thinks you are “good” at it – it is CRITICAL that you LOVE doing it!

My self-inflicted joy list included:

I love to dance. Never mind what anyone else says or has said; close the door, crank up music and have yourself a grand time.

Low mood tends to create slow/no movement. Activity is counter that. Vigorous movement usually means feeling at least a bit better, so move! Last summer I danced nearly every evening – sometimes for five minutes, sometimes for fifty. It was one of my reliable saving graces. No matter how bad I felt, I felt better after dancing.

Choose appropriate music, and then do daily practice at not being silent or silenced! Pick battle cry songs that you can bellow out while you make dinner, vacuum, live your life. If you live with critics or if you don’t feel comfortable singing in front of others, then there is always the car. Find someplace you can let loose.

Play songs of fighting free, moving on, standing your ground or whatever makes you feel empowered. It can and does help! Last summer’s eclectic initial playlist included: Morissette, Keyes, Raitt, Dido, Blige, Nicks, Gaynor, Turner and other strong women singing about strength. Quite therapeutic and inspirational for me at that time.

Watch Movies!
There are literally millions of movies and television shows to select from. When you’re feeling down, try binge-watching your favourite show. This not only helps in de-stressing but also helps in looking forward to a better day!

Imagine being able to merge your internet and television to watch whatever you want. This sounds like a good plan on a Sunday evening while sipping your hot tea, right? This could be feasible with the help of a dish tv. Watching stand-up comedies are also a good pass time. Do whatever works for you!

Play is a signature of good mental health. When one of my animals is sick, I always breath a sigh of relief when I see them flip a toy in the air or pounce on a passing leaf. A playful animal is an animal on the mend. True for us as well.

Our dogs are ultimate playmates. They never judge us for how we play; they are always just delighted we wish to play. They give us their attention and are “all in” with games they enjoy. With a playful dog in the house there is just no excuse not to play. You may start the game with a bored flip of a toy, but I bet you won’t end the game that way. Canine enthusiasm can be contagious – let it be.

There are all sorts of ways to play. As long as you feel more relaxed and happier after the game, then play away. If you end the game feeling tense, competitive, disappointed with yourself or in some other way “less” – that may be a sport, but it is not “play.” Seek, find and play games by yourself or with playful others. You’ll be better for it, guaranteed.

Whoever said, “Laughter is the best medicine” wasn’t kidding. Find the funny. Spend extra time with friends who crack you up, watch movies that amuse, read books that garner a giggle – shamelessly pursue genuine laughter.

Our pets are a wonderful laughter resource. Pip’s intense joie de vivre is infectious, and PJ’s happy grin whenever she runs toward me always creates a reflected one in me. Teach your dog a new trick that you find amusing, buy a silly toy, cultivate such moments carefully, as they will pay long-term dividends.

I am a very creative person who loves to write. It’s the reason I got this blog and I have published my handbooks. I always used to write as a child and this habit just didn’t stop. Once I left education I was considering what career path to go down when I decided, after getting a Query letter review, to send a letter to some of my local publishers with a few of my writing ideas to see if they liked them. I was lucky enough to go on to pursue a career that allowed me to do the two things I love most in life – write and work with dogs.

Writing can both be an escape from life or a perfect way to document it. You don’t even need a break-through idea or story to write – if you enjoy doing it then that’s good enough! I always come out of a writing session feeling refreshed and much less stressed. Plus, if you write about whatever you like, you never know if publishers might be interested!

These are just five of the many options. The key is to treat your mood not as something out of your control but as something readily changeable. You know it is. You can be feeling lousy before a phone call with an upbeat friend and much better afterward. Since you know it can change, start observing the sorts of things that change it for the better and then – do those things. You may be surprised just how reliably you can shift a bad mood to a better one with a little self-inflicted joy.

One of these many options include alternative medicines, these have shot forward throughout the years as many have applauded their benefits to their mental health. CBD products from companies like Blessed CBD have been very influential, as well as medical marijuana prescribed by a doctor. You don’t have to settle for traditional means of helping yourself now that there are more options out there for us all to try.

To receive the best outcome, you must do what is right for you. And if that’s using CBD oil, then so be it. This type of alternative medicine has vastly grown in popularity over recent years, and many people like to look for something similar to this Medterra coupon to look for various discounts, to ensure they can have access to these products when they need them the most, (and at a cheaper price). Remember, this is your life, and you need to do what is right for you, regardless of how you do it. There is something out there for everyone.

Note: I would love to hear the sorts of things that create joy in you. Please share them with me on our forums. See you there!

by Sarah Wilson

Author of handbooks: My Smart Puppy (book with DVD) and Childproofing Your Dog

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