My Smart Puppy

with Dog Expert, Sarah Wilson

Getting to Good


Your job, as your puppy?s coach and teacher, is to ?get to good? – meaning look at puppy training as a process of rewarding rather than correcting.

Here are a few examples:

  • If your pup is jumping up ? work on ?sit.?
  • If your pup is barking while looking out the window ? work on ?come? or ?place? or ?kennel.?
  • If your pup is licking you too much ? work on ?down? or ?go.?

Making the behaviors you want your focus makes training works and, side benefit, is more fun for both of you.

Your puppy wants to be rewarded, he loves being rewarded but he doesn?t always know what do to create that reward. That?s our job, to give your dog a better idea and then reward him for that.

Once your pup understands that, if you need to add in a mild negative to stop a behavior that is still lingering, your pup will know the alternative you prefer and hustle right to it.

Teach him what you prefer him to do, practice that and see what happens. It?ll be good ? for both of you. We all need advice on these types of things and to get it can make you feel at ease, knowing that you’re doing what’s best for your puppy

by Sarah Wilson

Author of handbooks: My Smart Puppy (book with DVD), How to Train Your Dog to Come and Childproofing Your Dog

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