My Smart Puppy

with Dog Expert, Sarah Wilson


Dog trainer Sarah Wilson

CYBERSESSIONS – Safe Training/Behavior Coaching Anywhere in the World

For many years, I’ve quietly taught dogs and their people around the world over the Internet. Now, I’m offering this service to any English-speaking person who needs dog help at a reduced fee.

Need some positive help with boredom behaviors? Or demanding behavior, housetraining, how to socialize a pup in the age of staying-home? How about some fun-and-games for the entire family?

For one fee you get two sesssions: First one longer and gives you specific things to do with your pup/dog and a second shorter session so we can review how things are going and tweak as needed.

Platforms: Zoom, Skype, Facetime, Facebook

Fee: $75.00 US. Paypal or Venmo

Contact me by writing a comment below. I review all comments before they are posted and will email you privately when I see you request.

A few professional details: I am focused on offering experienced-based puppy and dog info with humor. Author of nine pet-related books including the best-selling My Smart Puppy, How to Train Your Dog to Come and Childproofing Your Dog, Sarah knows all about dog and puppy training. Seen on PBS Why We Love Cats and Dogs, ABC Good Morning America, CBS This Morning, and trainer of celebrities’ dogs (Harrison Ford, Diane Sawyer, Candice Bergen).

I’ve devoted my life to helping dog-loving people just like you and love doing just that. – Sarah Wilson, MA. (wikipedia page)